Top 10 Novel Intellectual Property Cases in Beijing Courts in the Year of 2015

更新时间:2015-12-22 10:13 点击: 1273

Case 1: Unfair Competition Dispute in Sogou v. Qihoo on Blocking Browser Installation and Settings

Case 2: Unfair Competition Dispute Regarding HiWifi Blocking Video Advertisements

Case 3: Design Patent Infringement Involving Building Blocks

Case 4: Rejection of Administrative Reexamination of “Mo Yan” Trademark

Case 5: Dispute of “UNIQLO” Trademark Infringement

Case 6: Dispute of Prior User Right of “Qihang” Trademark

Case 7: Dispute over Damage Liability Caused by a Malicious Intellectual Property Suit

Case 8: Xiaomi and Qihoo Jurisdiction Dispute

Case 9: "J-10" Fighter Model Copyright Dispute

Case 10: “JiaZhigang’sSpring and Autumn Period Stories” Copyright and InfringementDisputes